The problem

Doctors diagnose heart attacks with EKG and a blood marker called troponin. 

9 million Americans go to the emergency room every year for chest pain.
Only 10% of them are true heart attack patients, but 60% of them end up staying in hospital for more than 16 hours. 

This is because the troponin test hospitals use now is not sensitive enough and lacks portability, resulting in:

Delay to 1st troponin results of up to 90 minutes.
Prolonged hospital stay for two more set of Troponin because current test is not sensitive. 
Mounting medical bill of more than 3000 dollars for 1 day of observation.

Introducing HERO,

All-in-one Instant and Affordable panel for Heart Attack Detection and Prevention

With a drop of fingerstick blood on our biochip, HERO give you 3 heart attack related marker results in 10 minutes.

HERO is 100x more sensitive and 70% cheaper than current test. Unlike all other  platforms,

HERO does not need any reagent, does not need refrigeration or cold supply chain.


   Portable       +   High-sensitivity   +        Ultra-low cost +       No cold-supply chain +   Ultra-long shelf life

Revolutionizing future of heart care with HERO

By using HERO on ambulance and in ER, we effectively cut down time to first lab to 10 minutes from 90 minutes, hospital stay from more than 16 hours to 3 hours, cost of care from 3000 dollars to less than 1000 dollars.

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